Have Fun.

Learn Stuff.

Share Ideas.

Do Good.

Make Money.

The past few years have taught Michigan that we must undergo a cultural change. We need a significant shift in perspective that moves toward a way of thinking that values creativity, risk taking and openness. Now is a time of creativity and enterprise, and we are asking you to invest in creating a nurturing environment in which small business and big ideas can take root and grow.

That environment is called the Center for New Enterprise Opportunity, and its mission is to provide high-quality space and services for emerging entrepreneurs and their businesses. We must learn to invest in ourselves, in our communities and in growing local business. We must connect investors to the places where they live, creating vital relationships and new sources of capital for new enterprises.

The traditional way to raise capital is to pursue big corporate dollars, but this is fundamentally a project in which we seek to invest in our community in order to change and grow our community. By us, for us.