CSS Minifier

CSS Minify: CSS Minifier or compressor tool helps you to Minify CSS code by removing unnecessary characters such as Spacing symbols, Comments, Line breaks, Separators of blocks from the code. Free Online CSS Minifier is useful for minifying CSS of an entire web page or just a chuck of CSS code if you prefer.



CSS Minifier

Best CSS Minifier to Minify CSS Online

How to Minify CSS?

Minify CSS Online is a CSS minifier tool to optimize your CSS1, CSS2, CSS3 codes to make your website faster by decreasing the file size. The easy way to minify CSS code is simply paste your CSS code inside the input box then click on the Minify CSS button and get minified CSS code in output box.

Following are the steps to Minify CSS online:

  1. Paste CSS code inside the input box (top side). Make sure to NOT include <style> tags.
  2. Click the “Minify CSS” button and wait for it to finish compressing.
  3. Once finished, the minified CSS code should appear in the output box (bottom side).
  4. Feel free to use the quick copy button to copy the code.

Note: You should keep a copy of the original .css file just in case you need to modify it again in the future.

In most cases, the process of minimization does not affect the file but optimizes it for the load. Especially the minification of CSS is very useful because the codes load from the client side and compressed or minified codes load quickly. In addition, Google site ranking also depends a bit on the speed of the site resource, and the minification helps to speed up the any website.

Minify CSS for faster page speed

After the minification, the CSS file has become harder to read, since there are no line breaks, delimiters, etc. But the optimized version has a smaller size, which speeds up loading of the website.

Minify CSS online tool is pretty easy to use. Enter the existing CSS and the smaller or minified version is created automatically. After that, you can use the compressed CSS code in your project without any data loss.


CSS Minifier is fully compatible with Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE 10+, Edge and other modern browsers as long as JavaScript is enabled.

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