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Comma Separator Online (Delimiter) Tool – Use our Online Comma Separator or delimiter to convert from column data to delimited separated values and vice versa for comma, semicolon, pipe, braces, slashes, new line, spaces, new line and any text character.

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What is Delimiter?

A delimiter is a sequence of one or more characters used to separate text strings. The most popular delimiters are commas (,), semicolon (;), braces ({}), pipes (|) and slashes ( / \ ). Quickly and easily convert column data to any separator character with our online delimiter tool. Just enter column data, select separator, click on convert and copy result data that contains delimited values list.

About Delimiter Online Tool

Delimiter is an online separator tool that converts any column data into delimited values list and the other way around. It supports comma, semicolon, pipe, new line and space as delimiter character.

Online delimiter provides separated delimited values that can be used in CSV, SQL queries and databases with key benefits including:

  • Converts column data to delimited values and vice versa.
  • Supports comma, semicolon, pipe, new line and space delimited values.
  • The ability to add unique custom character or string as separator.
  • Flexibility to remove the duplicates from the delimited result set.
  • It also has converter settings options to modify generated delimited data.

How to Convert Column date to any separator with Delimiter tool?

Follow these simple steps to convert your column data to separator values (comma/semicolon/pipe/new line/space or any string) with Delimiter tool.

Step 1: Paste the column data into the input section.

Step 2: Select separator value, by default delimiter is comma separator.

Step 3: Click on right arrow button.

Step 4: Get delimited values list in output section.

Step 5: Select and copy it to use anywhere.

Key Features of Delimiter tool

Use our online delimiter tool for comma separating and online delimiter purpose. It can be used to convert from column data to delimited and vice versa with the following key features.

Supports all Delimiter Characters

Delimiter supports one or more characters to separate text. It can be used as comma separator, semicolon separator, or any custom character delimiter.

Column to delimited

Convert from column data to delimited list. Enter your non-delimited data in the input field, hit right arrow button, and get separated data in output field.

Delimited to column

Convert delimited or separated list data to column. paste your separated list in the output field, hit left arrow button, and get back column data in the input field.

Special Configuration

Customize your delimiter requirements with special configuration provided below. It has many advanced features if the defaults aren’t what you need!

Delimiter FAQ

How to use comma delimiter?

Simply select comma separator (default) to convert your column data into comma delimited.

How to convert column data to comma separated list?

Paste column data in input field, select comma delimiter and click on right arrow button to get comma separated list of data instantly.

How to convert column data to semicolon separated list?

Paste column data in input field, select semicolon delimiter from drop down and then click on right arrow button to get semicolon separated list.

How to Convert Comma Separated List to Column?

You can simply add comma separated list in output field then click on left arrow button to get column data in seconds.

Can i add custom delimiter character?

Yes, you can add custom character as delimiter by selecting settings option and then enter delimiter character used between records.