Morse Code Translator

Morse code translator is a tool to translate a normal text into morse code and vice-versa. Below we have a morse code translator/decoder that you can use freely for your purposes.

Morse Code Translator


How to Use Morse Code Translator?

  • Step 1: Select Morse code to text or Text to morse code mode.
  • Step 2: Enter your text or code.
  • Step 3: Your translation text/code result will appear instantly at translation text box.
  • Step 4: Simply copy it now and use it anywhere.
  • Step 5: To start a fresh, click on clear button to clear everything.

Start converting by typing text or code by selecting morse code to text or text to morse code in the field above. After you have typed the word or phrase, just click the encode button. Having clicked the button, you will get your text converted into morse code.

What is Morse Code?

Morse Code is a means of communication (e.g. a code-language) for communicating in general via lights or sound (flashes, on- and off-tones, clicks etc).

The Morse Code system was firstly developed by Samuel F.B. Morse around the mid 19th century. A similar code was used in Samuel F.B. Morse’s electric telegraph in the 1840s. Morse Code might have become obsolete in this day and age, nevertheless it is still used in maritime and assisting people with disabilities to communicate in everyday life.

Above you can find your results from the morse code translator. Scroll down to find the equivalences in morse code for each letter or character. You can also copy the content into your clipboard and use it elsewhere.

A thing to remember when communicating via the system is the speed and the interval of the code or the signals given. Words per minute (WPM abbr.) is used along with the element time-specifier of 1.2 seconds to establish the speed in words per minute.

A dot (.) or the short code is 100 milliseconds long and the dash or the long code is 300 milliseconds long. In between there is a break or silence of at least 100 milliseconds.

When communicating, it is advisable to maintain a consistent speed in overall, between intervals and the length of each signal. This will increase the accuracy in sending the codes and help the receiving party to recognize the codes more accurately.

Morse Code Chart - Alphabet, Number and Characters

In order to study the morse code there are good sources available. There exist at least two traditional methods: the Farnsworth method and the Koch method. The Farnsworth method concentrates on the speed of the codes and intervals, while the Koch method starts with two characters in the beginning in addition to aiming for the full target speed.

In overall, the morse code can be an interesting hobby and a valuable skill to have. In special circumstances it can even be a crucial factor in the need of communication in case other methods have lapsed to operate.

A new paradigm for the morse code has emerged to be the assistance of individuals with disabilities. In this case there exist equipment that can even translate the morse code to speech directly.

In popular culture the smoke signals of Native Americans has also been recognized as a way to communicate thru the morse code.

It is interesting that a method of communication that simple can over last centuries. It can also be a reminder how simple things can be useful, practical and fun.

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