Calorie Calculator

How to Use Calorie Calculator Following are the Steps to calculate calories using calorie calculator: Step 1: Choose your preferred units to be used. It can be in imperial which is expressed in pounds (lbs) and inches (in) or metric which is written in kilogram (kg) and centimetres (cm). Remember, choose it in pairs you cannot … Read more

Character Count

Character Count is an easy to use real time online tool for counting characters, spaces, words, characters with and without spaces. How to Use Online Character Count tool? Check below steps to use Character Count online tool: Step 1: Copy and Paste your text. Step 2: Check Character Count stats in real time. Step 3: … Read more

Word Counter

Online Word Counter Tool Word Counter is an easy to use online tool for counting words, characters, sentences, paragraphs and words density in real time. How to Use Online Word Counter tool? Check below steps to use word counter online tool: Step 1: Copy and Paste your text. Step 2: Check Word Counter stats in … Read more

Macro Calculator

How to Use Macro Calculator Steps on how to calculate your Macro Nutrients: Step 1: In order for you to start calculating your macro nutrient, it is important that you fill in the following information needed for the calculation. These include your: Height Weight Gender Personal Goal (lose weight, maintain weight, or gain weight) Physical … Read more

Text to Speech Online Converter

Text to Speech – Use free text to speech converter tool with voice download option powered by Google and Advanced  AI based TTS/STT Technology. Check below steps for the text to mp3 conversion process. Currently our text to speech converter supports and generates various audio files such as MP3, WAV, AAC, OGG and CAF in … Read more

BMI Calculator

BMI Calculator – BMI is a simple mathematical formula, to measure the body fatness based on height and weight. You should be aware of your BMI because of the health risks of being overweight (25.0+ BMI). On the other hand, being too thin and having a BMI below the healthy range (18.5 to 24.9) can … Read more

Morse Code Translator

Morse code translator is a tool to translate a normal text into morse code and vice-versa. Below we have a morse code translator/decoder that you can use freely for your purposes. How to Use Morse Code Translator? Step 1: Select Morse code to text or Text to morse code mode. Step 2: Enter your text … Read more

TDEE Calculator

What is a TDEE Calculator? TDEE is the acronym for total daily energy expenditure. This calculation is for computing the total burned calories per day of an individual. A calorie or kilo-calorie is a unit used to express the amount of heat required to raise the temperature of water by 1C. It also stands for … Read more

Compound Interest Calculator

Investing is an essential skill and strategy to save for the future. Nowadays, most people invest because of the guaranteed future that they want for their family and their own selves. In these uncertain times, investing can be your saving grace. If something unexpected and unplanned is about to happen, investing can at least save … Read more

CSS Minifier

CSS Minify: CSS Minifier or compressor tool helps you to Minify CSS code by removing unnecessary characters such as Spacing symbols, Comments, Line breaks, Separators of blocks from the code. Free Online CSS Minifier is useful for minifying CSS of an entire web page or just a chuck of CSS code if you prefer. CSS … Read more


What is Unminify? Unminify is an online tool to unminify JavaScript/CSS/HTML code, and make it readable and pretty. If you want to uncompress or format code, you need to paste all of the compressed code in the editor and hit on the unminify button to get your formatted code instantly. This tool is working for … Read more

JavaScript Minifier

JS Minify: JavaScript, JS Minifier is a free tool that you can use to compress/minify your JavaScript files online. It can make your web pages load faster by decreasing the size of the files served. This is an aggressive compressor but safe to use at the same time resulting to a script that will function … Read more

HTML Minifier

Minify HTML: HTML Minifier is a free online tool to minify HTML and any JS or CSS included in your markup. HTML Minify produces the lowest file size without breaking the code its minifying. It will compress the whole HTML page, including the JavaScript and CSS codes enclosed in script and style tags. HTML Minifier … Read more

JS Formatter

JS Formatter Online JS Formatter/ JavaScript Beautifier Online JavaScript formatter beautifies minified or obfuscated JavaScript data and it works locally within your browser. We do not store your JavaScript data. Following are the steps to use JavaScript formatter: Firstly, paste your JavaScript code in editor Next, Click on format JavaScript button. Lastly, copy formatted JavaScript … Read more

CSS Formatter

CSS Formatter Online CSS Formatter/ CSS Beautifier Online CSS formatter beautifies minified or obfuscated CSS data and it works locally within your browser. We do not store your CSS data. Following are the steps to use CSS formatter: Firstly, paste your CSS code in editor Next, Click on format CSS button. Lastly, copy formatted CSS … Read more

SQL Formatter

SQL Formatter Online SQL Formatter/ SQL Beautifier Online SQL formatter beautifies minified or obfuscated SQL data and it works locally within your browser. We do not store your SQL data. Following are the steps to use SQL formatter: Firstly, paste your SQL code in editor Next, Click on format SQL query button. Lastly, copy formatted … Read more

HTML Formatter

HTML Formatter Online HTML Formatter/ HTML Beautifier Online HTML formatter beautifies minified or obfuscated HTML data and it works locally within your browser. We do not store your HTML data. Following are the steps to use HTML formatter: Firstly, paste your HTML code in editor Next, Click on format HTML button. Lastly, copy formatted HTML … Read more

JSON Formatter

JSON Formatter Online JSON Formatter/Beautifier and Validator Online JSON formatter beautifies minified or obfuscated JSON data and it works locally within your browser. We do not store your JSON data. Following are the steps to use JSON formatter: Firstly, paste your JSON code in editor Next, Click on format JSON button. Lastly, copy formatted JSON … Read more

YouTube Thumbnail Download

YouTube Thumbnail Download: Download YouTube and Vimeo video thumbnail Images of HD, 4K, 1080p, HQ quality in all sizes for free. Try this sample URL to download YouTube thumbnails: Check below steps to download YouTube Thumbnail: How to Download YouTube Thumbnail? Step 1: Copy and paste YouTube video URL. Step 2: Click on Download … Read more

Remove Line Breaks

Line Break Removal Tool – Use our remove line breaks online tool for removing line breaks with paragraph restoration. It can also delete empty lines, double spaces and empty space at the begin of paragraphs. You can also have the options of removing all line breaks with double without preserving paragraph breaks, paragraph begins with … Read more

FAQ Schema Generator

FAQ schema Generator – Use our JSON-LD FAQ schema generator to generate FAQ schema markup. Simply add frequently asked questions and answers to get FAQPage schema code instantly. JSON-LD FAQ Schema Generator Tool Add FAQpage schema to a post or page with a list of frequently asked questions and answers using our JSON LD FAQ … Read more


Online Delimiter Tool Comma Separator Online (Delimiter) Tool – Use our Online Comma Separator or delimiter to convert from column data to delimited separated values and vice versa for comma, semicolon, pipe, braces, slashes, new line, spaces, new line and any text character. What is Delimiter? A delimiter is a sequence of one or more … Read more

CAGR Calculator

CAGR Calculator – Use online CAGR Calculator to calculate Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR), growth rate, duration, initial or final value for your investment or planning business growth over a certain time period. How to Use CAGR Calculator Following are the easy steps to use online CAGR calculator: Step 1: Enter Initial investment value Step … Read more