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Online Word Counter tool to count words, characters, whitespaces, sentences, paragraphs, word density and other word stats.
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Word Counter is an easy to use online tool for counting words, characters, sentences, paragraphs and words density in real time.

How to Use Online Word Counter tool?

Check below steps to use word counter online tool:

  • Step 1: Copy and Paste your text.
  • Step 2: Check Word Counter stats in real time.
  • Step 3: Get number of words, characters, whitespaces, sentences and paragraphs in text.
  • Step 4: It also display word density, words by length and find word in your text.

Word Counter Online is an online tool that lets you easily calculate and count the number of words, characters, sentences, paragraphs and keywords in your text. Use this word counter online tool to instantly count words, Characters, Sentences, Paragraphs and keywords.

About Word Counter Tool

Word Counter is a free Word counter online tool that will automatically count words and characters from blocks of given text. This tool also count number of characters (with and without space), sentences, paragraphs, top keywords, readability score and average reading time.

This word count online tool used to calculate how many words are present in the below text box, please enter the your paragraph into the below text box lets see the counting result.

Word Counter is the word count and the character count tool, which is completely free to use and used to counts the word and characters in online based on the input text. We can count the words and characters based on both with and without spaces. By using this word count online tool you just enter text the text area then this word counter will automatically counts, how many number of words and characters present in the text you have typed and that will be displayed in the display box.

How to use Word Counter

  1. Enter your text in text box.
  2. It will count words and characters instantly.
  3. It can also display top keywords, sentences and paragraphs in your text.

Why to use Word Count Online tool?

The output of the word count online tool helps you to decide if you have to improve your content. Important web pages should contain enough text content to target multiple keywords, keyword variations and long tail search terms, this tool also used to check the percentage of anchor text words and keywords found on a page that will be a important factor for SEO.

Content Writer

As a content writer most times you have to check the word count of the articles you are writing. Especially for SEO articles the character count and word count is important. Our tool is perfect for your SEO needs. Because the title of your website / web page should be about 70 characters long and the article body should have a length of at least 300 words. Long articles rank much better than short ones.

Teacher or Student

In school or college a student often has to write essays, reports etc. with a specific amount of words. If you do not monitor your word count it can be possible that you will get a worse mark. As a teacher that has to check the assignments of their students, you should use our word count tool to check if the student has reached the minimum amounts of words.


There are so many other situations and work places where you have to check the word count of your written text or teh text of other people. As a secretary or a lawyer you often have to check these information about specific text pieces.

Word count is important factor while writing tweets in twitter the shorten one is more valuable and simple to express so twitter supports 280 characters as the limit.

Character Limit in Popular Sites:

  • Snapchat: 80 Characters
  • Twitter: 280 Characters
  • SMS: 160 Characters
  • LinkedIn Summary: 2,000 Characters
  • Reddit Title: 300 Characters

Features in Word counter Online Tool

User can also copy paste the required text from word documents like ms word, google document or online documents into this word count text box and it will automatically counting the words and display the counts of words and character in numbers.

This online word counter will also supports word count in the selected text and that will be displays in the head and bottom of the web page.

Word counter may also used to determine the readability level of the document and used to measure typing and reading speeds usually that represents words per minute.

While converting character counts to word count, a general measure of 5 or 6 characters to a word is used.

A single paragraph is used express the single point, while writing an essay we need to consider paragraph as the top most priority normally a single paragraph will contain 200-300 words that increase the readability of the sentence.

This word count calculator tool can also work with Non-English text so it can report how many words in a giving text that is in English, Hindi, Chinese, Spanish, Japanese, French etc..

This tool also includes many other features like readability, keyword density, paragraph count and case changes like lowercase to uppercase etc. So this will maximize the writing productivity time. The tool is useful for users who write in blogs, forums, websites, product reviews, office related works.

This word counter will work with all the browsers and any devices no matter you have tablet, phone or PC will work perfectly in all the devices.

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